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Free guide to shorting how to make money in a falling market!

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Tigers Mentor Program

The Trading Tigers Mentoring Course looks at powerful Wealth Creation and Trading strategies using Index Futures. The two key instruments are the Australian Share Price Index Future of the Top 200 Index (SPI) and the US S&P 500 Index ( Emini S&P).

Trading Tigers looks at 20+ high probability trades a year with a 70%+ accuracy and a profit target of 100% per annum. We do not reach that every year but in the last seven years we have crossed the 100% return line five times.

Trading Tigers does not require extensive experience. It is a lifestyle trading methodology where many of our trades are known weeks or even months in advance. You do not need to monitor the market on an ongoing basis. If you can follow instructions, you can make this methodology work for you. Trading Tigers issues a bulletin for each trade with the STOP, LIMIT and expiry for each trade. You are taught how to insure your positions and place stops ? Trading Tigers do not take long positions in the market without a stop or hedge.

If you have a busy life but want to make money from known market behaviour, this is the course for you.

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Our Computer Products

IC Investor

IC-Investor (IC-I) is a complete investment solution for the trader, investor and DIY Superfund manager. It is designed to have simple functionality for the novice computer user and is still a comprehensive trading and investment package for the most advanced user. It offers you the security, speed and reliability of a standalone software package installed on your own PC.

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Portfolio Defender

The Market has changed. The Old "Buy & Hold" methodology of investing in the market has ceased to be effective in the last 12 years. There are new ways to trade and new facilities for investors that have not previously existed. The opportunities to protect your portfolio and profit from volatility are more immense and no longer just the realm of short-term traders.

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